Inaugural Firstline Graduation Event

Every week since February 10, we have met Sunday evenings on the Ranch. We enjoyed dinner together, caught up on the events of the week, and opened ourselves to discover pathways to healing emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually from traumatic wounds. Our participants jumped in with both feet wading through these waters of pain and challenges to overcome. And they have begun this journey that we pray will forever impact their lives, the lives of their families, their careers, and will inspire those around them to seek help earnestly.

We are so proud to announce we are celebrating our amazing participants with a graduation ceremony and celebration on Sunday May 5. We will honor their commitment to themselves and their families, celebrate the steps they have taken, and challenge them to continue this path. If you would like to join us, please let us know you’re coming. Details are below.

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Firstline Course starting February 10th

When Wellsprings began almost four years ago now, we were searching for ways we could truly help the community of First Responders to find rest and healing. While we have focused on a couple of avenues to complete this mission, we recently learned of a trauma recovery course called Firstline.

Firstline is a course created by First Responders for First Responders and their families. This course focuses on helping First Responders heal from spiritual and moral wounds from trauma. Critical incident trauma directly impacts the mind, body, spirit and soul of a First Responder. The Firstline course is not a support group but instead a network of First Responders who can provide practical insight and help in recovering from trauma. A 12 week course, Firstline is a First Responder led discussion that digs deeper into specific topics related to critical incident trauma. We encourage all First Responders, law enforcement - fire fighter - EMS - dispatch - corrections, to attend this course for yourself or for those in your department who may be struggling.

We are kicking off our first group meeting February 10 and will continue to meet for 12 weeks, every Sunday, from 5-7pm. Our evenings will include dinner and childcare - all free of charge for the First Responder and his/her family. You can register online now at Find our Firstline Course in Waring, Texas and register today.

Not a First Responder and wondering how you can help?
- Pray for our leadership team and all the Firstline attendees
- Donate to help us with the cost of meals and childcare
- Volunteer to cook and /or serve dinner or provide childcare for one or more Sundays during this course